Olympic Village

The Olympic Village comprises temporary structures and 10 to 20 permanent mixed-use buildings with aproximatelly 1100 condos units. (250 of which will become affordable housing and aproximatelly 100 units will become rental housing).

South East False Creek will eventually be home to 12,000 to 16,000 people. When Fully developed, SEFC will have 6 million square feet development. this will includes more than 5000 condos residential units; a full-size community centre and non motorized boating facility; 3 to 5 licenced childcare facilities; two out-of-school care facilities; an elementary school; restauration of 5 Heritage buildings; interfaith spiritual centre and 10 hectares of Park.

SEFC is a model with sustainable development with all buildings designed to LEED Gold standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Other unique features include: Urban agriculture; a Rain Water management system; Green roofs;  and a neighbouhood energy system.

The new 660 metre waterfront path along south-east false creek is one of the final pieces of a 22 Km scenic seawall alongside Vancouver's inner coastline from Coal Harbour to Kitsilano Beach.

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