City's Zoning Guidelines

The City's Zoning and Development Bylaw - along with the Land Use and Development Policies and Guidelines - help shape Vancouver, and make our communities more liveable.

Building permits and regulations are enforced by the City of Vancouver to ensure safety and livability for you, your neighbours, and future property owners and residents.

To keep Vancouver safe and liveable, the City:

  • Reviews permit applications, and enforces regulations in a fair and consistent manner
  • Is working hard to decrease the length and complexity of the permit process by introducing online services and more efficient processes 
  • Enforces procedures to protect historic buildings and our urban forest during development and renovations

In Vancouver, urban planning focuses on liveability.

That means creating a city of neighbourhoods where people can work, play, and shop.

It also means creating urban environments where residents feel supported and engaged, and can enjoy a vibrant street life and their fellow residents.

In building our liveable, sustainable city, the City:

  • Creates communities that prioritize sustainable modes of transportation, minimizing our dependance on cars
  • Facilitates high-quality urban design that contributes to an attractive, functional, memorable, and safe city
  • Incorporates parks and open spaces, sidewalks and walkways, bodies of water, trees, landscaping and lighting into our urban fabric
  • Protects the beauty of the city and its surroundings, while allowing for density and growth



Residential 1 - R1

The intent of this Residential Inclusive district schedule is to enable a variety of small-scale housing  options while retaining the single lot character of the area. Housing options include multiple dwellings (“multiplex” up to 6 dwelling units, or up to 8 rental dwelling units), duplexes and single detached houses. Duplexes and single detached houses may include additional dwelling units such as secondary suites, lock-off units and lane-way houses. Retention of character houses is encouraged by permitting infill and multiple conversion dwellings where a character house is retained.



Multiple Dwelling District:

RM-5 - West End

 The intent of this schedule is to enable a variety of forms of residential development in the West End, including tower forms and infill townhouses, while also permitting compatible retail, office, service and institutional uses. Infill developed as secured market rental housing is encouraged. Emphasis is placed on achieving development that is compatible with neighbouring development with respect to the streets-cape character, open spaces, view retention, sunlight access and privacy. The RM-5 district encourages developments suited to families with children. The RM-5A, RM-5B, RM-5C and RM-5D districts permit greater densities than the RM-5 district. The RM-5C district permits a greater range of uses. The RM-5D district supports the development of social housing.

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