False Creek North

The Concord Pacific land cover some 67 ha (166 acres) of Waterfront stretching along the north shore of False Creek from Granville Bridge east-ward to Quebec street. This huge area, equivalent to more than 10 city blocks in length, defines the south-eastern edge of Vancouver's Downtown peninsula, from Pender street south to Beach Avenue.

Some 17 ha (42 acre) of public park space have been created, in addition to semi private open space. A continuous, uninterrupted 10.5-m (35 feet) wide Waterfront walkway/bikeway seamlessly links the parks and street ends, and substantially completes the public waterfront loop around False Creek.

Impressive as these features are, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Concord Pacific Place is what is has done to reinvigorate Downtown Vancouver as a compact, vibrant, mixed use community. 15,000 residents live here, combined with many more thousand moving to the Downtown peninsula, is responsible for Vancouver's becoming a North American model for inner-city revitalization. The city "Living First" Philosophy is working: more Vancouverites living in Condos are walking, cycling or using public transit.

Click here to read the False Creek North architectural concept plan - PDF


1000 Beach

1000 Beach Ave, Vancouver

1008 Beach Avenue

1008 Beach Ave, Vancouver


1600 Howe Street, Vancouver

Aqua at the Park

550 Pacific Street, Vancouver

Aquarius one

1199 Marinaside , Vancouver

Aquarius three

189 Davie Street, Vancouver

Aquarius Two

198 Aquarius Mews , Vancouver

Aquarius Villas

1111 Marinaside , Vancouver

Azura one

1438 Richards Street, Vancouver

Azura two

1495 Richards Street, Vancouver

Beach Tower 1

1501 Howe Street, Vancouver

Beach Tower 2

1500 Hornby Street, Vancouver


1383 Marinaside , Vancouver


1328 Marinaside , Vancouver

Concordia one

199 Drake Street, Vancouver

Concordia two

139 Drake Street, Vancouver

Cooper's Lookout

33 Smithe Street, Vancouver

Cooper's Pointe

980 Cooperage Way, Vancouver

Coral Court

907 Beach Ave, Vancouver

Crestmark one

1288 Marinaside , Vancouver

Crestmark two

1228 Marinaside , Vancouver


1500 Howe Street, Vancouver


1560 Homer Mews , Vancouver


8 Smithe Mews , Vancouver

Icon one

638 Beach , Vancouver

Icon Two

633 Kinghorn Mews , Vancouver

King's Landing South

1515 Homer Mews , Vancouver

King's Landing West

428 Beach , Vancouver

Marinaside Resort

1099 Marinaside , Vancouver

Marinaside Resort 2

1077 Marinaside , Vancouver

Marinaside Resort 3

193 Aquarius Mews , Vancouver


918 Cooperage Way, Vancouver


910 Beach Ave, Vancouver

Park West one

455 Beach , Vancouver

Park West two

583 Beach , Vancouver


1201 Marinaside , Vancouver


1455 Howe Street, Vancouver

QuayWest Resort one

1033 Marinaside , Vancouver

QuayWest Resort two

1067 Marinaside , Vancouver


628 Kinghorn Mews , Vancouver


1483 Homer Street, Vancouver

West One

1408 Strathmore Mews , Vancouver

Yacht Harbour Pointe

1600 Hornby Street, Vancouver